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In my experience, I have found several ways to make quick cash, but most are rather difficult to get the money one may be looking for. I found a survey site that enabled me to make seventy-five cents within minutes.

I said quick and easy cash, not huge amounts of cash. Before you get too excited and break out the calculator remember that I said that.

Doing a few surveys a day for a few different companies is what allows me to get extra cash each month, allowing me to get the desired item on Amazon.

One of the sites that I use is Survey Junkie, they will only ask you a few questions to get you in, but once you are in you can start taking as many surveys as you want. Below are a few pictures of some of the surveys that are available.

( Here is a view of my email and notification of a one minute survey)

( A view of current surveys that are available)

(You can cash out at $5.00 )

( A preview of surveys that are available)

Survey Junkie gets paid and then gives you the money in exchange for giving your opinion about something.

Remember that you can't cash out until you reach $5. As a gift, the first person to hit the $5 milestone and cash out will receive a $5 bonus. Just send me an email letting me know that you have completed it. (info@virtual-careers.com)

Anyone can join, no matter what state or country!!!!

Join Survey Junkie Now

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