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We provide live answering services 24/7 to help grow your business & work anywhere. We believe that work is what you do, not where you do it. When people can cut out daily commutes & lessen their carbon footprint, that is a win for people & the planet.
Answer First
We handle all types of business communications including telephone, email, SMS and chat. We are commonly used for traditional messaging (answering service), direct response, technical support and order processing however, each of our solutions are tailored to each client's particular needs.
Assistant Match
We know business details often fall through the cracks or get done by someone who should be focusing on more important ares of the business. Our assistants take care of the details. They can do anything from customer service and scheduling appointments, to writing articles and updating social media accounts. They do bookkeeping, research projects, social media management, and just about any other support activity you can dream up.
BELAY is headquartered in Atlanta, but our team is spread out across 48 states in the U.S. because in not-so-shocking news, the workforce has changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution. So while many companies don’t have conveyor belts and assembly lines anymore, they still operate like they do – and treat their employees like they do, too. In fact, if you think about what offices look like today, it’s the same thing: They put people in lines of cubicles and put managers around them to make sure they’re doing what they need to do.
Boldly is an award winning remote staffing company offering flexible, long-term positions to talented individuals who want a rewarding career supporting companies they are passionate about. Boldly focuses on providing senior, experienced, and highly-skilled remote staff across a variety of disciplines like executive admin support, marketing, project management, and more.
Contemporary Virtual Assistance
Contemporary VA is a US-based virtual assistant organization providing business and professionals with a variety of online assistants who do all the things (and more!) that an onsite assistant can do, but in a scalable solution, without the headaches of hiring, training, insurance and taxes.
Fancy Hands
Fancy Hands allows me to hand off tasks like scheduling, calling, and research so I can focus on what's most important. As an entrepreneur, I swear by Fancy Hands. It's the best personal assistant service.
GabbyVille is a virtual receptionist service provider based in Nashville, TN. The company was founded in 2013 when a business owner realized his software product sales were suffering because clients were always getting voice mail instead of a live person when they called her.
Milrich Virtual Professionals
Milrich Virtual Professionals, LLC has been serving clients since 2009. The company is based in Woodbridge, VA, with founder and CEO, Melanie Koerperich.
My BTLR teams you up with your own personal butler – a virtual assistant dedicated to you. Someone dedicated to your tasks – so you get the same great responsiveness every time. And, the more tasks you delegate, the more your virtual assistant gets to know you and can handle more tasks independently.
NS Virtual Services
How did I get here? Let’s take a trip back to 2007… My husband and I live in a small rural town of the Lower Laurentians of Quebec, Canada. I owned and operated a small country store, and in 2007 we were expecting our first child. I had quite a few employees at the time, but it was too small of a business to sustain my absence for an extended period of time.
Profit Factory
Whereas other organizations may have a “Why” reason of impacting the world, revolutionizing an industry, or curing an illness or social issue, for us it’s about Triumph of the Human Spirit.
Red Butler
We’re entrepreneurs, founders, and operators that have built and scaled companies so we know what you need and how to deliver it
Our company is based out of Palo Alto, CA, but our receptionists team for phone calls is spread across North America — from Washington to Florida, Canada to Mexico. Our chat agents are also located primarily in North America. To meet client expectations of 24/7 live chat, we utilize a highly skilled global workforce backed by our sophisticated AI technology, ensuring that high standards are met no matter what time of day or night.
Time etc
Since 2007, our freelance Virtual Assistants have helped our clients reclaim more than 507,000 hours of their time, by taking care of things like research, travel, sourcing weird and wonderful items, producing content, and more.
Trusty Oak
We exist first to serve an exclusive, collaborative community of the country’s top freelance virtual assistants by providing coaching and mentoring services, resources, and legitimate opportunities to be hired by their ideal clients.
Vasumo makes it easier to handle the little details so you can focus on your most important goals. Simply give your assistant your to-do list and get on with the things you love to do.
VaVa Virtual Assistants
VaVa was established in 2011 by native Midwesterners Lauren Gall and Melanie Ammerman. They founded VaVa to fulfill the backend support that business owners needed, but either they
Vicky Virtual
We decided to create Vicky Virtual Receptionists for the same reason countless other businesses get started – to fill a need. In our case, we wanted to provide a virtual receptionist service with highly trained, enthusiastic, US-based agents, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house receptionist.
Virtual Assist USA
Our company provides services for small start-ups through Fortune 500 corporations. We support our clients in all areas, including but not limited to, Administrative, Marketing, Web Design, Social Media, Strategy, and much more.
Virtual Gal Friday
Virtual Gal Friday is not merely a Virtual Assistant that you can delegate tasks to, we partner with you in your business to make you a success. ... We offer services for medical practices, legal practices, entrepreneurs, business coaches and more!
20Four7va provides virtual assistant staffing services for your Ecommerce needs. Need a Virtual Assistant ? 20Four7va will find, match, train & manage them for you.